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let me tell you my rp feelings

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••• BAKEMONOGATARI: Hitagi Senjougahara @ [personal profile] spites
✖ oh crap how long have i been playing her? since september last year which is a pretty good run! unfortunately lately i've been feeling like... i've just been treading water with her? like i'm not engaging with the game, with the setting, with the other characters as much as i should. the holidays have passed and so has the trip and yes i may still be sick-ish but that hasn't exactly hampered my energy for getting other stuff done so. i don't really know. i really want to fix this because i still absolutely love having her there and all the development she's gone through. i pretty much have the best hanekawa and araragi i could ever hope for and i just feel. so comfortable??? with them. i'm just so grateful to be able to play with them so ahhhhh i need to get over this slump! ideas, erie, ideas!

aside from that uh there is the eternal problem of NOT. just not tagging around. i can run posts just fine but any attempt to tag outside of my own posts (castmates or not) just fizzles and this isn't a problem exclusive to hitagi but just a thing i do in general. i blame it on my general lack of organization like... if it's my post i just have to refresh!


also i hate only having 100 icons THERE I SAID IT i am waiting for dreamwidth to do the thing where you can convert your paid time into points or something then i will splurge and get that freaking premium paid and I WILL MAKE IT RAIN ICONS FUCK YEAH

also sometimes with nise on the air i kind of feel a little under scrutiny i don't know why. i just want to fly under the radar with hitagi and do all her hitagi things. i really need to take some time to rewatch everything, re-read everything and evaluate how i've been doing with her. i feel like i've been playing her so long that my voice sounds so same-y same-y for her and just :/

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✖ ehe i have a post coming up for him ngl i am excited at the changes the new mod team is making hopefully on technological front. i just really want him to run an arcade guys. like this is something i have been dreaming of since i first started playing him shut up what spy stuff??? but also i have sora's fantastic sarah with me so how is it that my rp life has gotten so perfect and how much do i not deserve it?

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••• BOKU WA TOMODACHI GA SUKUNAI: Sena Kashiwazaki @ [personal profile] meatshields
✖ augh i am so buried with sena things. yana's yozora is basically perfection so again i am in a situation where i don't know how i lucked into the castmates that i have like there's some kind of cosmic imbalance happening for my rp things to be all good things. we kind of flooded asgard with friendless losers club things but with the assembly log up i'll be focusing on tagging that and i have no real plans for the valentine's thing just more humiliation for sena ehehehe wanting to ask the neighbors club girls to go as a group to the ball but idk if the icly knows that. what is knowing things about the game you're in?

tbh i am probably really bad at sena all shrill and shit but i'm having so much fun.

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✖ this is where all my ideas have gone (and by all i mean really just one) idk i'm kind of stoked to see how hitagi will do in this setting. fresh start yaaaay. hopefully i don't wuss out and idle out of shyness...