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SHAFT + nisioisin + ryo/supercell + claris + chiwa chiwa

reading: the animation or why you should watch





Senjougahara took the water bottle out of the bag — it was mineral water — and opened the cap. Seeing as I was bound, I had naturally thought that Senjougahara would let me drink from it, but she put the tip of the bottle close, then abruptly drew it back before it touched my lips.

What are you up to now…?

Just how many ways can you find to be malicious?

“Do you want to drink it?”

“Well… yeah.”

“Hmm. I’m going to, though.”

She started gulping it down.

It’s strange. It’s like there is something about her demeanor I don’t understand. She drink straight from the bottle without looking tasteless at all. She looks rather tasteful.

“Phew. Mmm, delicious.”


“Why do you wear such a greedy face? Did anyone say I would give the bottle to you?”

You know, within this context, that would mean you bought a bottle on purpose just to see a situation wherein you can drink water in front of me as I thirst. Is that how it is?

Well, I wouldn’t put it past her.

“Heh heh. Or did you think that I would let you drink mouth-to-mouth? Oh, Araragi-kun, you’re so dirty.”


EPISODE 1 AIRS 1/7 24:00 JST